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Onboarding Process

ChamberSolutions markets and manages the ChamberRx program. We have selected RxCut to serve as the program's administrator. Outlined below are the 10 steps that it takes to bring a local chamber's program to life. We'll hold your hand on steps 1-4, walking you through each step. Items 5 -10, well the're all on us, ChamberSolutions and RxCut. You just sit back and think of all the ways that the chamber can distribute the ChamberRx card in your community. In a jiffy, we'll have your program set-up and fully operational.

Here are the steps:

    1. Chamber completes the ChamberRx sponsor agreement
    2. Chamber completes IRS form W-9 
    3. Chamber completes ACH direct deposit form
    4. Chamber uploads chamber logo and requests unique ChamberRx web address
    5. ChamberSolutions is notified that the agreement is complete, and receives completed forms and logo
    6. ChamberSolutions reviews submission and creates chamber's unique ChamberRx web address
    7. RxCut completes chamber set-up, chamber co-branded website, and co-branded card design
    8. RxCut notifies chamber and ChamberSolutions of set-up completion via email
    9. ChamberSolutions orders 2500 co-branded cards (shipped directly to local chamber of commerce)
    10. Chamber promotes ChamberRx within the community.
    11. (Bonus Round!) ChamberSolutions and RxCut offer ongoing support including periodic training and best practice webinars

Step 1: Sponsor Agreement

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